Who is cumming?

List of hashers who have fully paid for their rego and as such are confirmed to having a party in Tallinn from 1st to 3rd of July 2022

Confirmed regos

Hash Name Home Hash
Body of desire Panama
2 Swedes Cummin Stockholm HHH
2.8 Seconds Aarhus H3
2nd Row Hooker Frankfurt H3
Against Nature Copenhagen (CH3)
Akage Vagabond Hasher
Ali Wank Bonk Stockholm
Antar Cambridge H3
ASBO Edinburgh H3
Bad Pitt Stockholm UH3
Bambi Edinburgh H3
Bangers London H3
Beer Floater Nuremberg H3
Beetroot London H3
Belches with Wolves FKK H3
Big Bore Atlanta H4
Big Brother Stockholm Hash
Big Man Wanted Stockholm H3
Big Mouth Stockholm Hash
Big Tasty Westra Aros Gurka Hash House Harriers
Biggles copenhagen H3
Blanka Wanka Mijas/Malaga
Blow Queen Stockholm H3
Bodylanguage CHFH3
Bold Fokker The Hague
Bruce Almighty Aberdeen HHH
Bubbles Bergen H3
Buzz Lightbeer Gothenburg Hash House Harriers
Buzz Lightyear Oslo H3
Calapso Copenhagen Viking Wankers
Callboy CH3
Canada wet Zh3
Cardinal Pumpkinhead Oslo hash house harriers
Catheter the Great Boston H3
Chillbox Munich H3
Choir Boy Malaga
CIA Houston H3
Cinderella Tallinn H3
Cleopatra Mersey Thirstday
Cock Sweller Gothenburg h3
Cockatool Aberdeen Hash House Harriers
Codpiece Copenhagen Howlin' Hash House Harriers
Cold Bitch GH3
Cosmo Tacoma H3
Cums Quickly Stockholm Underground H3
Cunning Linguist Gothenburg Hash House Harriers
Dead Ó Fart Hobo
Dirty Dancer Stockholm HHH
Dirty Lobster Stockholm Underground
Ditch Bitch Stockholm HHH
Dix-N-Stix SOH4
DotCum Copenhagen H3
Double Dick Oslo
Double Top Cambridge
Doubledecker WAGH3
Dr PP Atlanta H4
Dr. Brewlittle Westra Aros Gurka Hash House Harriers
E.T. Copenhagen H3
Ei Saa Peittää Stockholm H3
Emu Edinburgh H3
Enter the Asshole Burlington H3
Erector Oslo HHH
Escort Required CRH3
Eye-Full Stockholm H3
Fanny Chill Copenhagen Viking Wankers
Fast and Bicurious DC Road Whore
Fatal if Swallowed Copenhagen H3
Fatty n Sweaty Oslo H3
Felicity Shagwell Baltimore Annapolis H3
Flagpole Copenhagen Viking Wankers
Fleshmob Edinburgh H3
Fluffer Stockholm H3
For Sale or Rent White House/Mount Vernon/Great Falls
Forest Hump Zurich H3
Four’n’Twenty Inverness Stockholm
Fourpack Stockholm HHH
Frisky Business Copenhagen
Frozen Balls StockholmH3
Full Service Oslo Hash House Harriers
goldfinger cambridge
goldilocks sembach
Graverocker Berlin
Groin Biter MERMAIDS
H2Ho HogtownH3
Hanseatic Slut Frankfurt H3
Happy Pancake Gothenburg h3
Higgins, Baron von Higgstein BMPH3
High Octane BH3
Horny Helsinki H5
Horse Hannover H3
Hot Boobs Gothenburg H3
Humper FH3 Turkey
Ice Hole Frankfurt H3
Ice Queen Vindobona H3
Ich Been Laiden Berlin H3
Ingrid Larssen SPOR&DIC H3
Inspector Gorse Edinburgh H3
JOHNNY A Schaffhausen H3
Joint Venture Copenhagen H3
Just Ana Copenhagen
JUST Anna Gothenburg HH
Just Flor Stockholm
Just Lasse ACH3
Just Otto Stockholm
Just Shelby Prague
Kermit Cambridge
KitOff Cantabrigensis H3
KumaYuda Nuremberg H3
Laid Bird Stockholm
LIMP Stockholm
Liquor Up Harriettes of Oahu
Little Brother Stockholm HHH
Longshanks Hamburg H7
Looselips FH3 Turkey
LSM Copenhagen H3
Lust Jucie CRH3
Mad swede WAGH3
Man in Black Helsinki H3
Marmite Stockholm Absolut
Megasaurarse Edinburgh H3
Miss Fucktober ZH3
Missing Link Amsterdam H3
Mobile Dick Copenhagen Viking Wankers
Mooseman Ludvika H3
Morena Tropicana Ludvika H3
Moule en Rouge BMPH3 Brussels
Naked Kock Stockholm Underground
Never Finnish Brussels BMPH3
Occupied Honolulu H5
One Night Wonder Zurich H3
Ossama's Been Hashing (II) Paris and Sans Clue
Overdrive Mersey Thirstday
Pimp Stockholm
Pippi Longcocking Stockholm H3
Pirate Of The Queeribean Stockholm H3
Playtex The Hague
Popolicious Berlin H3
Pucko Stockholm/Oslo
Ra HogtownH3
Rack of Lamb BMPH3
Ready to Blow Oslo Hash House Harriets
Red Carpet Copenhagen H3
Return to Gender Wildcard
Rongjon La Jolla
Rose’ Stockholm H3
RubHerTurd Mijas Hash Spain
Running Nuts GH3 (Gothenburg Hash)
S Spew Gothenburg H3
S3 (Schütte Shit Shooter) Brussels BMPH3
Sauerkraut Bangkok Siam Sunday
Shaggus TNT Edinburgh/Whitehouse Virginia
shitHead pattaya jungle h3
Short Fat and Black Berlin H3
Short'n Curlies Tallinn H3
Shut Up & Bend Over Munich
Silent P Berlin H3
Sir Flakey Mijas H3
Sir Jerk Off Gothenburg hash house harriers
Sketchy Ho Boston H3
Skylark FKK H3
slaphead cambridge
Slideshow Bob Tallinn HHH
Slip it in Gothenburg hash house harriers
Slippery Digit Zurich H3
Slush Puppie Vindobona H3
Smart Arse West London H3
Snap Off Albuquerque H3
SnotEnough Hannover H3
Soaked Arse Århus
Soju Sonata Seoul HHH
Spanish Fly Tallinn H3
Sparerib SNONADS H3/Bad Decisions H3
SPEEDY Hash House Harriers North Sealand
Sperm Bank Tallinn H3
SpermAid Mijas Hash Spain
Spermbank Oslo HHH
SquareHead Aarhus H3
Squatty Potty Zurich H3
Stains the Couch Tallinn H3
Stains the Sheets CH3
Stiff Meat FUKFMH3
Stiffanny Mijas H3
Super Chilli Ludvika H3
Super Swede Ludvika H3
Swinging Tits GH3
T.N.T Stuttgart H3
Termite Stockholm Absolut
The Fla5her Baltimore Annapolis H3
Thistle Hurt Sheffield HHH
Tits 4 Tips Survivor H3
Tranny Granny Stockholm H3
Triple Dickhead Copenhagen H3
Trouble Brewing BMPH3
Tuna Melt FILTH H3
Used to be Nice Edinburgh
V.D.Viking SPOR&DIC H3
Veni Vidi Vittu Gothenburg H3
Violent Volvo Stockholm
Wee Wee Berlin H3
Wet&Ready Zurich H3
While You're Down There Cambridge
wild cat sh 3
WOPS Osan Bulgogi H3
Yeast Infection Copenhagen H3