Thursday 30th June

Optional extra drinking practice if you are in town, own cost.  Gathering point will be posted eventually.  Don't worry it's months away yet.

Friday 1st July

  • Registration at the venue during the afternoon
  • In the evening there will be dinner at venue followed by a pay as you go pub crawl through Tallinn old town

Saturday 2nd July

  • Breakfast at the hotel, busses to most runs
  • Runs, lunch and circle somewhere outside of Tallinn and busses back to hotel
  • Dinner and party at the venue

Sunday 3rd July

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Hangover run
  • Closing circle
  • Bugger off.... unless you are staying in which case more drinking practice in town on your own schilling

Mismanagement reserves the right to change the above at a moment's notice, especially if something more interesting comes up